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“Are Companies Leveraging GPUs Poised to Disrupt Oracle, SAP & The Entire Data Base Market?” Conference Call, June 14, 1pm EST


Dial In: 1-800-686-5266 from the U.S., 1-303 223 4380 from outside the U.S.(please RSVP to get on this operator assisted call). Speaker slides can be found here on June 14th.

It’s a cliche to talk about the the growth in the amount of data being created. Lots of graphs can be shown to display that growth. Below is one of my favorites:

As the amount of data created explodes, corporations, governments and universities are all struggling against the processing wall of traditional CPU based architectures. Over the last year, these entities have begun to look at GPU based solutions providing dramatically faster processing at a fraction of the cost. We agree with the recent articles we highlight below that state that “There’s a revolution brewing in how applications are designed that is fueled by the desire to exploit non-traditional processing engines instead of traditional general purpose CPUs and it’s rapidly moving from academia and science projects to business”.

Do GPU optimized databases threaten the hegemony of Oracle, Splunk and Hadoop? — diginomica, April 11, 2016

From Space Invaders To Curing Cancer: The Rise of GPUs — Forbes, Nov. 30, 2015

So what is the outlook for GPU based systems to disrupt the data base market in 2016 and beyond? What industries are most likely to be early adopters of this disruptive technology(e.g. finance, ad tech, genome research??). What will it take to get enterprises to run mission critical apps on GPU based systems? These questions and more will be addressed by our panel of GPU/Database thought leaders:

Dial In: 1–800–686–5266 from the U.S., 1–303 223 4380 from outside the U.S.(please RSVP to get on this operator assisted call). Speaker slides can be found here on June 14th.

Speaker Bios

Andy Brown — CEO of Sandhill East which advises, invests in and develops new technology ventures from idea to go to market. Andy is also CTO in Residence at the FinTech Innovation Lab of NYC where he helps select the companies for the incubator and works with them to build client relationships and products that solve real business problems. Previously, Andy was Group CTO at UBS; Head of Enterprise Strategy, Architecture & Optimization at Bank of America; CTO of Infrastructure at Credit Suisse; and CTO of Direct Markets at Merrill Lynch.

Ami Gal — Co-Founder and CEO, SQream Technologies. SQream has developed the world’s fastest big data analytics database that runs on standard hardware, powered by GPUs. A visionary entrepreneur, thought leader and technology investor with over 20 years of tech and executive management experience, Ami has built and mentored over a dozen start-ups. Ami is a former member of the Senior leadership at Magic Software Enterprises where he created several substantial new businesses related to high performance and complex data integration environments. Prior to Magic, Ami Co-Founded Manov, which developed massive data-centric call center and CRM solutions. Magic Software acquired Manov’s in 2000.

Jeff Herbst — VP Of Business Development, Nvidia. Jeff has served as Nvida’s VP of Business Development since 2001. He leads Nvida’s worldwide business development efforts, including overall ecosystem development, mergers and acquisitions strategy, investments, partnerships, and other strategic business relationships and transactions. Previously, Jeff was the worldwide head of corporate and business development at AltaVista, and earlier in his career was a partner with the law firm of Wilson Sonsini where he specialized in corporate and intellectual property law matters. Jeff has a B.S degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and a law degree from Stanford Law School.

Soumik Sinharoy — Senior Product Manager at Orange Silicon Valley an innovation subsidiary of telecommunications giant Orange. Soumik has over 15 years of IT experience and more than a decade of experience in the telecom industry. He was the co-lead for real field trial of world’s first 40 Gbps global range InfiniBand with U.S. Department of Energy. He’s been instrumental in evangelizing that GPU accelerated analytics is the next evolution towards enterprise databases. He currently pursues applied research in the field of High Performance Computing, High Performance Edge Analytics and applied Artificial Intelligence, for Unmanned Systems and future Space Vehicle in collaboration with NASA and US Air Force. He also evangelizes the vision of future of supercomputing via various real life demonstrations at conferences in collaboration with industry partners. Mr. Sinharoy holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of South Carolina,


Dial In: 1–800–686–5266 from the U.S., 1–303 223 4380 from outside U.S.(please RSVP to get on this operator assisted call). Speaker slides can be found here on June 14th.

The content of this broadcast/presentation does not involve the rendering of personalized investment advice and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell the securities mentioned herein it is for and is for informational or discussion purposes only. Nor does it reflect the adoption or endorsement of the views of the individual presenters.

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