7 Thoughts Following Our Webinar “Facebook v. Australia” Featuring Brittany Kaiser & Jodee Rich

Lou Kerner
7 min readMar 3, 2021


On March 2nd, we held our first webinar on data privacy with privacy experts Jodee Rich and Brittany Kaiser, co-hosted with Gilbert Hill, about the increasing power of technology companies over news stories, data privacy and data monetization, among other topics. You can view a replay of the webinar below:

Or you can read our 7 highlights below, co-written by Alexandra Brown

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What Happened

In recently enacted legislation, Australia required tech platforms like Facebook to compensate traditional news organizations for access to their journalism. As a result, Facebook blocked all news on its platform. Shortly after the block, Facebook agreed to negotiate fair compensation to the news outlets.

This transformational move by Australia comes at a time when governments, privacy rights groups, and others, are increasingly focused on how to keep powerful technology platforms in check concerning dissemination of news and use of personal data. This type of legislation is being assessed by governments around the the world.

Over the years, Facebook has become a platform where fake news receives more attention than real news. Traditional media outlets are being marginalized by these tech powerhouses.

Further, platforms such as Facebook thrive on using and manipulating private data to drive enormous profits without compensation or privacy rights afforded to individuals. Clearly, people and society as a whole have woken up to these problems and are beginning to demand change.

To get a better understanding of the Australian legislation and data privacy and monetization issues, we held a webinar featuring experts Jodee Rich, Brittany Kaiser and co-host Gilbert Hill. Jodee Rich is the CEO of PeopleBrowsr and creator of Link.Kred. PeopleBrowsr builds collaborative applications and a…



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