5 Reasons I’m LMAO That Oracle Sued My Company, CryptoOracle

Before I get in to the meat of the post, I want to thank everyone in the industry who reached out to provide support.

1. The Lawsuit Is Riddled With Factual Errors

Let’s start with factual errors on Page 3.

2. CryptoOracle’s Primary Focus Is DAO-ifying CryptoMondays

As I wrote in this recent piece, we’re in the process of turning CryptoMondays in to a DAO. It’s an incredibly exciting project, and we have help from the leading minds in DAOs (e.g. Matan Field & Ameen Soleimani). Page 2 of the complaint states that Oracle would “ ..otherwise welcome some of defendants’ endeavors, including events aimed at fostering a community around innovative and curious blockchain-enthusiasts”. They state they must press the case to to stop CryptoOracle “…from trading on the reputation and goodwill that Oracle has earned among consumers throughout the tech industry, including in relation to plaintiffs’ own consulting and finance-related services, and solutions for use in blockchain and cryptocurrency applications”. That’s simply non-sensical given the scope of our operations.

3. The Biggest Laugh Is Their Claim That We Included “Oracle” in Our Name To Trade on Oracle’s Reputation

Page 19 states “Defendants intentionally incorporated the ORACLE trademark in the CryptoOracle business name and brand in order to trade on Oracle’s reputation as an innovator and leader within the tech industry, and to evoke among consumers the goodwill that Oracle’s built in its own famous brand.” I have three quick thoughts here.

4. They Sued Us In California. We Don’t Do Operate In California

We don’t have any employees in California. We don’t make any revenue in California. We start CryptoMondays and we run CryptoMondays NYC. But we’re a decentralized organization. CryptoMondays San Francisco runs it’s own events. And they do it really really well.

From Page 6 of the complaint

5. There are lots and lots of “Crypto Oracles”

As we all know, oracles are a thing in crypto. Chainlink, a leading oracle related project, is currently the 15th most valuable token, with a market cap of $850,000,000+.

A Compound Community
A Chainlink Community

In Conclusion..

One of my favorite jokes is “What’s the difference between comedy and tragedy?”. The answer is …. comedy is when it happens to someone else.

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