Lou Kerner

Nov 19, 2021

4 min read

5 Lessons Learned From Starting Cryptomondays Back up

After a year of virtual meetups, CryptoMondays NYC had its first in-person meetup on Oct. 18th. One week later, CrpytoMondays Brooklyn launched its first meetup in a joint event with CryptoMondays NYC. The 18th featured a fireside chat with Alex Thorn, the head of firmwide research at Galaxy Digital. Galaxy Digital is a publicly-traded diversified financial services firm focused on digital assets and cryptocurrency. The featured speakers for the 25th were Blake Jamieson and Mike O’Day, two founders of the Knights of Degen NFT project. Here are some of the lessons learned from listening to them:

1. The Multi-Chain Future May Feature Less Chains Than We Think

2. Sotheby’s and Christie’s Are Entering NFTs to Access a New Consumer Segment

3. Ethereum Isn’t the Only Option for Centrally Issued Assets

4. Consider Building an NFT Project Around an Anchor

5. Institutional Interest in Crypto Continues to Accelerate

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